Do you have to spend lots of money to be successful trade show marketer?

marketingTrade show events are no doubt can be quite expensive. As companies start to venture into trade show marketing business, it is very easy to come up with decisions which cost more than projected. However, through focusing on what is critical, it is possible to hold the trade show and get good outcome without spending a lot. Indeed, when you spend less amount of money you can always get a higher return. Below are 5 great ways that can help you stick on your trade show budget:

  1. Attention capturing graphics

You should buy modern graphics for your display. The best method of giving your company a new image during the trade show is by using graphics which get attention. You should make good use of the opportunity by changing the messaging or else highlighting new locations, new goods or new services. When graphics have not been recently replaced they may look tired and therefore it is important to make good use of the latest lamination and printing technologies.

  1. Renting a display

You should never buy a display unless you are going to use it for more than two times in a year. The best option is to rent a display if your company is going to hold trade shows events there once or twice a year. This is one of the best ways to avoid up-front expenses as you will not have to manage the display when you are not holding an event. Nowadays, there are numerous trade show exhibit rentals you can rent such as modular displays, counters, pop up displays, truss displays and trade show flooring among others.

  1. Portable exhibit

Using portable exhibit during trade show events can help you save greatly on installation and shipping costs. The best option for a 10-foot stand space is portable exhibits as they are usually big enough to cover the whole space. In addition, they are cheap compared to traditional trade show exhibits and are very easy to set up as they don’t require any experience and hence any member of your staff can fix them. Moreover, portable exhibits are pack smaller for delivery, lighter and faster to set up compared to regular units and therefore they save you money for labor and shipping costs. Purchasing just one portable display can save you a lot of dollars during each trade show event that you organize.

  1. Avoid the giveaways

Although one of the best ways to attract traffic to your show booth is by using giveaways, much of the giveaway goods will most likely be wasted on individuals who are not likely to make a significant impact on your business. If you have a limited trade show budget, you can consider a banner stand or else podium. The other way is to pick and decide who to give the expensive giveaway goods and leave the less expensive ones to the rest. By giving lower-quality merchandise to the common people you can save the costly giveaways for the profitable customers. This ensures that you invest where they can benefit you more as well as cut down greatly on trade show waste.

  1. Don’t purchase a new display

The best way to save money is to avoid buying a new display and instead going for a refurbished display. In fact, many people don’t even notice of your display is old or brand new. What matters most is for your display to have the right graphics. Moreover, a display starts looking old within a very short time. Therefore, resist the impulse to spend more money buying a new display unless it is broken.